It's been a long time coming. Since there's no other place to serve as my creative outlet, I'll just Tumbl. Since I stayed up late again and there's nothing else to do, I'll just Tumbl. jk lol It's not that serious I just thought it might be fun to have a Tumblr, that's all! :P

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Evening thoughts

So now that school is over, I’m going to be staying up late for none-noteworthy reasons. Namely, watching movies, catching up on tv shows and tumbling in the wee hours of the night. This is critical because I tend to generate the most outlandish and colorful ideas during these settings. Wouldn’t hurt to document and share a few thoughts here, right? Well, here goes…

Why is it so difficult to write down my thoughts? Not even just writing them down but just explaining them, verbalizing them. Maybe it’s because a lot of my thoughts are feelings, pictures, memories, sounds, smells and they aren’t made up of words. I mean right now it’s easier because I can edit what I’m writing. (See, I just edited it right now. I’m adding this little blurb.) But when I’m in a very delicate conversation where I can’t hit a “backspace” button while I’m talking I’m pretty much screwed. Because I word vomit a lot. I just vomit a bunch of words that sorta kinda resemble what I’m feeling and hope it makes sense to the listener. Yeah…that doesn’t work so well. But oh well. 

You know what I need? A good dose of eloquence. Yeah. Can someone get me that for Christmas pretty please?